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Backstage Stories

by Terrasse Ensemble & Mementaλ Theatre Group

19th-23th June 2024

Theater Stok, Zürich

"Backstage Stories" is a theater performance that takes us into the magical world of theater. A small acting troupe is preparing to stage a modern version of Shakespeare's classic work "Romeo and Juliet," where the two heroes manage to escape their tragic fate. However, the smooth performance is disrupted when unexpected news shakes the troupe. A secret behind the scenes will change the course of the performance and create a series of comic and dramatic situations. The scenes from "Romeo and Juliet" blend with the interpersonal conflicts and relationships of the performers, who argue, fall in love, laugh, and cry on stage. The performance never ends but transforms into a comedy of situations, where the audience becomes a witness to the backstage antics that now take place on stage.


Through humor and comedy, the challenges faced by a theater troupe, such as the “disruptive” presence of the audience, technical misunderstandings, and inevitable turmoil, are highlighted. "Backstage Stories" combines Shakespeare with reality, fantasy with truth, and comedy with drama, offering the audience a chance to see theater from a different perspective.

Director: Ermis Peristeris
Concept/Dramaturgy: Ermis Peristeris & Sofia Arnaoutaki
Text Editing: Maria Skiada
Set Design: Sofia Symeonidou & Sara Duarte
Costumes: Anastasia Alamanou
Visual Identity/Graphic Design: Peni Michailidou
Communication/Social Media: Zoe Seghaj & Sofia Symeonidou
Translation: Dimitris Tombros & Esther Menet
Production Design/Organization/Team Leadership: Sofia Arnaoutaki
Production Team: Anna Tsichli Boissonnas, Vasiliki Vasilopoulou, Dimitris Tombros 


Performers: Anastasia Alamanou, Vasiliki Vasilopoulou, Grigoris Grigoriadis, Eirini Kasioumi, Daphne Kokkini, Peni Michailidou, Eleni Papadaki, Zoe Segkai, Maria Skiada, Dimitris Tombros, Apostolis Tsikas.


The performance takes place in Greek with German and English subtitles.

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