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Vielleicht ist es Elektra / Maybe it’s Electra 

based on Atreides Myth

June 2022, Zürich 

In a modern, democratic society, that has defined its social regulations, a part of its citizens function with their own rules. They defy every consequence of their actions and they sink into lie, vulgarity, violence and lawlessness. The one that helps only the already powerful people. 


The play brings the Justice system face to face with vigilante justice. 

Is it possible for someone to rule, legislate and arbitrate at the same time? 

Can laws conflict with values and ethics of one citizen or one group of citizens? 


The reason for all the questions above is the story of a family that is wiped out and the possible suspects are its own members. A family which maybe implements a cruel rule: Murder is only washed out with murder. 

Electra, one of the daughters of Atreides family is inside an interrogation room. The murder of her mother has preceded and the criminal investigation squad is getting information and clues from her. 


The Electra complex is there, either as an invincible thread or a tight noose throughout the play. The main hero seeks justice. She wants to avenge the loss of her father. She believes that the person responsible for the murder is her mother. 


It’s a known fact that for ancient Greeks retribution was a rigid law. Did you kill? You shall be killed! If the killer remained unpunished, it seemed like the foundations of the society were shaken and the moral order was disturbed.  


This play is a modern remake of the ancient myth of Atreides with Electra as the main character. She who has become an eternal symbol of love towards the father figure and has given her name to the complex analyzed by Carl Jung.  


It records today’s reality, the patriarchal society and it dissects a world established in lie, money, vulgarity and crime that prevails due to the inescapable need for justice. 

Director & Dramaturgy: Hermes Peristeris 

Script editor: Maria Skiada

Light Design: Hermes Peristeris

Sound Design: Sofia Arnaoutaki

Technical Support: Lorenzo Demenga

Scenography & Costumes: Daphne Kokkini & Sofia Symeonidou

Translation: Doris Wille 

Supertitles: Esther Menet

Photography: Evi Fragolia

Graphic design: Grigoris Grigoriadis, Daphne Kokkini & Sofia Symeonidou


With: Grigoris Grigoriadis, Zoe Shegaj, Maria Skiada, Dimitris Tombros, Apostolis Tsikas, Giouli Vlassi

Production: Terrasse Ensemble & Mementaλ

Production advisor: Anna Tsichli Boissonnas


Support group: Peni Michailidou, Vasiliki Vasilopoulou 

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