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Hotel Éternité

by Yannis Kalavrianos

June 2023

Theater Stok, Zürich


Hotel Éternité is not an ordinary hotel. It is a place of eternal youth and happiness, a place  where you arrive and never leave, a place where all dreams can come true. Everyone has a  reason to be there: some are looking for a utopia, others a place to hide, and still others a  place to live forever. Everything has a set routine: Mary, the owner of the Hotel Éternité, and  the staff are completely dedicated to their mission. There are no clocks in this hotel, and words  like time and death are forbidden. Time doesn't matter in this paradise anyway. Until the arrival  of a new staff member, who brings up old stories and new reactions. Can things ever change,  or will they remain the same in timeless oblivion? 

"Humanity needs eternity!" 

Hotel Eternité by Yannis Kalavrianos premiered at the National Theater of Greece in Athens  in 2020. The Terrasse Ensemble brings this modern Greek play to Theater Stok in Zurich. The  plot, which unfolds before the audience's eyes, is presented from the perspective of the hotel  staff: their relationships, affairs and disputes reveal the secrets behind the facade of this  "hotel". Eight performers and a musician on stage present the incredible, surreal and  surprising story of Hotel Éternité. 

"We are all young in our dreams".

Director: Anna Tsichli - Boissonnas 

Author: Yiannis Kalavrianos 

Movement: Antigone Gyra 

Scenography: Apostolis Tsikas, Georgia Vlassi 

Costumes: Anastasia Alamanou, Sophia Symeonidou 

Music: Anastasia Alamanou 

Translation: Esther Menet (German), Eirini Kasioumi (English) 

Τechnical support: Lorenzo Demenga 

Production support: Lilika Mylona, Zoe Shegaj, Dimitri Tombros, Vasiliki Vasilopoulou Make-up and hair styling: Mira Shegaj 

Photography: Evi Fragolia 


Performers: Anastasia Alamanou, Grigoris Grigoriadis, Lilika Mylona, Sophia Symeonidou,  Dimitri Tombros, Apostolos Tsikas, Vasiliki Vasilopoulou, Georgia Vlassi Piano: Nasia Vlachou 

Voices: Panos Dimitropoulos, Eirini Kasioumi, Peni Michailidou, Eleni Papadaki, Stavros  Samouridis, Zoe Shegaj, Maria Skiada

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