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I want a country/Ich will ein Land

by Andreas Flourakis

Νovember 2021

Bühne S, Zürich

In Greek


One day everything falls apart. And then what should we do? Should we leave or stay? If we leave, where could we go?

In this new performance of I want a country/Ich will ein Land by Andreas Flourakis, Terrasse Ensemble delves into these agonizing questions following a crisis. On stage we find eight characters of different age, temperament, beliefs and social status. Trapped in an unfriendly environment, they drift in endless waiting as they seek the answers. They dream, they fight, they look after each other, they isolate, they hope or they break away. Will they ever manage to find the country they are looking for?


Directed by: Anna Tsichli Boissonnas

Dramaturgy: Eirini Kasioumi, Eleni Papadaki

Video and Lighting: Lorenzo Demenga

Setting, costumes, graphic design: Terrasse Ensemble

Assistant Director: Eirini Kasioumi

Translation: Esther Menet


Performers: Grigoris Grigoriadis, Eirini Kasioumi, Peni Michailidou, Lilika Mylona,

                 Eleni Papadaki, Sofia Symeonidou, Dimitris Tombros, Apostolis Tsikas

Production Team: Zoe Shegaj, Vasiliki Vasilopoulou 

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