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Terrasse Ensemble was created by a group of professionals and friends on one warm and fine evening overlooking the urban and rural horizon of Zürich.

Openness and Creativity is our motto.

Our intention is to create sharp and inspiring projects under the wide spectrum of what is currently called the performative arts.

We encourage interdisciplinarity and hope to contribute our bit to the swiss performative scene. 



Anna Tsichli-Boissonnas

Eirini Altouva

Esther Menet

Grigoris Grigoriadis

Ada Papanakli

Daphne Kokkini

Maria Skiada

Dimitri Tombros

Eirini Kasioumi

Apostolis Tsikas

Zoe Shegaj

Eleni Papadaki

Vasiliki Vasilopoulou

Peni Michailidou

Sophia Symeonidou

Georgia Vlassi





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Created by Peni & Grigoris